Secret Circle Volume One: The Initiation

The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part 1
by L.J. Smith
Rating: **

After visiting New England for the summer Cassie soon finds that her mother has decided that they're moving there permanently, taking Cassie away from California and instead living in a small town called New Salem. Cassie is quickly drawn to the most popular group in her new high school, The Club, and she soon figures out their darkest secret. When Cassie falls for Adam, a member of The Club she is pulled between what it right and what is wrong.

I know I need to be fair. Had I read this book back in the day I probably would have loved it. It's got the whole mysterious feel with a little bit of romance and the main character is fairly likable. However, I guess for me it lacked that certain something that more adult books seem to have. It did manage to keep my attention but... I'm not sure why.

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