The Best Day of Someone Else's Life

The Best Day of Someone Else's Life
by Kerry ReichsRating: ***

Kevin "Vi" Connelly is the ultimate bridesmaid. When she was young she was hit with the wedding bug and from that day forward she lapped up anything having to do with weddings. However, now in her mid 20's and with a TON of friends getting engaged Vi had decided that maybe there's more to life than weddings. Throw in airplane rides, expensive dresses, wedding gifts and more and Vi is realizing that her bank account cannot take all that attention! 11 weddings in 18 months is enough to make anyone want to do away with weddings for good but in the midst of it all Vi discovers some important things about herself and her life.

I picked this book up because it sounded SO much like the movie 27 Dresses. When I started it I found myself a little bored but once the book picked up I was drawn in. While there are a few similarities to 27 Dresses (falling in love with weddings from a young age) there definitely aren't many. I found the book funny and endearing, with likable characters and a decent ending. Not a HUGE love story but it definitely kept my attention until the last page.

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Uglies, Pretties and Specials

Uglies, Pretties and Specials
by Scott WesterfeldRating: ****

I know, I am a huge slacker. Not so much a reading slacker but I have not posted a new book in forever! So I decided to take a short cut and rate all three of these books in one post. Sue me.

Uglies is the first in this three part series. Planet Earth has become very, very different than the Earth that we know. Somehow humans nearly destroyed the planet. And it the place of the civilizations we know today small cities have popped up and many new changes have come about. For the first 16 years of life you live in a part of the city called Uglyville. You look - well, pretty much like the humans that we know today. And you spend that part of your life looking across the river at the Pretties. When you turn 16 you are given a surgery to make you pretty and then move across the river to party, have fun and pretty much do a whole lot of nothing else.

The book Uglies begins with Tilly, who can't wait to turn pretty. Until she meets Shay, who wants to run away from the surgery and find something better. When Shay runs away, Tilly is sent after her. And what Tilly discovers seems to be so much more than she ever could have imagined.

Pretties opens, once again, with Tilly who, along with her friend Shay, is now a Pretty. And while all this seems fine and dandy, Tilly has a nagging feeling that there is something more. When Tally receives a note from her past her would is shaken to its core and Tilly realizes that once again she must push everything she's ever know aside to find more.

Specials is the conclusion to this trilogy. Tilly is now a superpower Special and is sent after the people that she once considered her friends. However, Tilly still has memories of something else and when she's offered the chance to stamp out her old friends Tilly has to make a decision: do away with the New Smoke for good or follow her heart.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED these books. They were so easy to get into, you love Tilly and have a love/hate relationship with Shay, who is with Tilly every step of the way. The worlds that Scott Westerfeld creates are just amazing as are the words: bubbly, bogus, etc. I found myself unable to put these books down and at the end of Specials felt so hopeful and sad for Tilly all at the same time. These will definitely be rereads for me and I definitely recommend them to everyone.

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