Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane
by Kristin HannahRating: ****

It is 1974 when Kate Mularkey meets her best friend, Tully Hart and from that point forward they become the Firefly Lane girls or TullyandKate. On the outside they seem to be complete opposites: Kate is uncool but with a family that loves her. Tully, in turn, is beautiful and mysterious but with a train wreck around every corner. And in the summer that they meet, they make a back from be best friends forever. This novel spans 3 decades and goes through the ever changing lives of these two girls as they turn into women. They've been through everything together - love, anger, jealousy and resentment. And then something happens that could change their lives and friendship forever.

I LOVED this book. I loved it. The friendship between Kate and Tully was so real and it truly felt like I made friends while reading about their lives. At times it was hard to take - their jealousy towards each other, how their friendship at times seemed to almost fall apart. And the end... oh gosh, don't get me started. Needless to say I cried my eyes out and I promise you will too.

This is a DEFINITE read in my book, something I almost want to pick up right now and read again because I sort of miss Tully and Kate.

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