Remember Me?

Remember Me?
by Sophie Kinsella
Rating: ***

Lexi Smart is 25 and feeling like there's not much to her life. She's got a crap boyfriend and a crap job and she wonders when things will get better. Then one day she wakes up to find that she's 28 and has been in a car accident - in a Mercedes. She finds that she can't remember 3 years of her life and in those three years she went from mundane to fabulous, with a gorgeous loft, a personal assistant and amazing new friends. Oh, and a sexy new husband, too. However, once the shine wears off Lexi finds that there are secrets in her life and one of those is a man that drops a huge bombshell on Lexi. Suddenly she finds herself scrambling to figure out how her life took this turn and who the real Lexi Smart is.

Okay, I love Sophie Kinsella. I've read every one of her books and I ADORE the Shopaholic series. And while this book was cute, I felt like it was missing something, that little bit of charm that I've always felt that Sophie's books have had. It still had it's share of cute moments (Lexi realizing she has no idea how to drive as she's in the middle of trying to drive a car) but for some reason Lexi wasn't quite as zaney or SMART as some of Sophie's other characters. Still, it's a cute read so it still gets three stars.