Just Listen

Just Listen
by Sarah DessenRating: ****

Okay okay, I'm back! I know it's been forever and a day, I kept telling myself I need to update and I've been kind of lazy. Lots going on in life and while I'm reading I just haven't been updating what I've read!

Just Listen is about a girl named Annabel Greene who, on the surface looks like she has everything. However, over the summer she loses her best friend Sophie and Annabell's family is dealing with the eating disorder of her older sister. When Annabel returns to school she finds that Sophie has made her a social outcast. Just when it seems like things will never get better, Annabel meets Owen, a boy who always tells the truth. With Owen's help Annabel learns to face her problems but she is unsure if she'll ever be able to get past her family's expectations of her or help her to deal with what happened the night that her friendship with Sophie ended.

I LOVED this book! Generally Sarah Dessen is just okay for me. However, in this book Sarah went a little bit deeper into her main character's head and it really made Annabel a real person for me. I loved Annabel for her insecurities and Owen for his ability to always tell the truth - I wish I could do that! Definitely an A+ for me!