Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas
by Charlaine Harris
Rating: ****

Okay, it's official: I am a Sookie Stackhouse fan.

The second Sookie book takes place in Dallas, Texas. Well, for the most part. Sookie and Bill travel to Dallas to help the Dallas vamps find one of their own, Ferrel, who was kidnapped. Sookie, of course, is brought along because of her ability to read mind (something that seems to come in handy for the vampires).

I liked this book A LOT. After reading the first Sookie novel I was unsure if I would even want to continue the series. While I do like Sookie's character and the first novel was interesting it lacked something for me. I think it's because I really wanted these books to be more like Twilight and they just AREN'T. So I think I've gotten over that (although I have to say that Bill in no Edward) and now I'm enjoying the novels more.

Also, I'm watching the first season of True Blood online (the HBO series based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels). Pretty good if you can get past the softcore porn.

More soon!


Packer487 said...

Don't knock the softcore porn :) I've had a massive crush on Anna Paquin since I was like 13.