Dead as a Doornail

Dead as a Doornail
by Charlaine Harris
Rating: ****

Yep, another Sookie Stackhouse book. Sorry. I have two more after this one and then I believe I have to wait till the spring for the latest addition. It's been awhile since I've had to wait for a book to come out. Ah well.

Dead as a Doornail follows Sookie as she tries to find a sniper that is targeting shapeshifters. In fact, some of the shifter community think that Sookie's brother may be to blame and so she has to race against the clock (or full moon) to prove her brother innocent. In addition to the sniping issues, ANOTHER fan of Sookie comes along at the very end, Quinn, who is a weretiger (yeah, they're not wereWOLVES unless they actually become WOLVES).

I think it's truly amazing how many men (well, half men, in this case) are into Sookie. The woman has multiple vampires, shifters AND a werewolf all into her. The girl has GAME. The funny thing, though, is that it doesn't ever seem to go to her head. Throughout all these novels my favorite thing about Sookie is that she stays true to herself. You feed her BS and she's not going to deal with it. Let's just say that Sookie is not one of those girls that you boys could sweet talk and she'd be ready to jump into bed with you. Or... maybe she WOULD jump into bed with you but that doesn't mean she'll fall in love.

Ah! Can't wait for honeymoon reading to begin!

More soon!


Ashley said...

I love the Sookie books. I can't wait to see your review of Definitely Dead.