Dead to the World

Dead to the World
by Charlaine Harris
Rating: ****

Dead to the World is the forth Sookie Stackhouse book and I find that book after book I love her more and more! In this book Sookie's ex, Bill, leaves her to go to Peru and instead Sookie finds herself stuck with Eric, Bill's boss, who has amnesia due to the curse of a witch. Yes, a witch. Aside from there being Werewolves, shapeshifters and vampires there are also witches AND faries. Most of the witches can be fairly decent but there is a coven out to get Eric's business and since he can't seem to remember anything Sookie is stuck vampire sitting. In the meantime, Sookie's brother is missing. So yes, all kinds of trouble, drama AND adventure in this book!

I say it every time but I love these books. They're fairly light reads, that contain a lot of excitement and Sookie's love interests are YUMMY. I actually have to say I like Eric better with the amnesia and I kind of hope he stays the same, sweet guy that he was for most of this book.