Definitely Dead

Definitely Dead
by Charlaine Harris
Rating: ****

Well, I'm back from my honeymoon with 3 books down. I didn't get as much reading done as I thought I would but three books (plus halfway into the 4th) isn't too bad.

I started with Definitely Dead, the 6th Sookie Stackhouse novel. In this book, Sookie is on her way to New Orleans (prior to Katrina) to close up her cousin Hadley's apartment. Hadley, who is only mentioned a few times in previous books, died her 2nd time (she was a vampire) and was the Queen of Lousiana's girlfriend. When Sookie gets to New Orleans, she meets Amelia Broadway, a cool witch who owns the apartment building that Hadley lived in and soon the two are on a rollercoater ride of events that Hadley seemed to cause.

As always, I loved this book! I can't seem to give these novels enough praise! Sookie is an amazing, likable character and she has no shortage of yummy guys in her life, the newest being Quinn (the weretiger). On top of all the drama with the men in her life, Sookie is very quickly being pulled into the world of the supernatural and this book is just another in a long line of great books by Charlaine Harris.