The Host

The Host
by Stephenie Meyer
Rating: ❤❤

Probably thought I forgot all about this little ol' blog, right?

Not so much. But I've been busy reading
The Host by Stephenie Meyer. And I must say, I'm adding this book to my list of all time favorites!

The Host is about an alien invasion on Earth. The aliens, called Souls, have taken over earth. It's kind of like Invasion of the Body Snatchers; the Souls take over the bodies of humans. The whole point is that the Souls think that the human race has screwed up Earth so they feel that they're doing something good for the planet. The main characters are Wanderer/Melanie. Wandered is the Soul that has taken over Melanie's body. Only rather than fade away, like she's supposed to, Melanie stays there. She forces Wanderer to remember her true love, Jared, and her brother Jamie. Because of this, Wanderer begins to love them too and soon they are on the run, together, from the Souls.

Because I am such a huge Stephenie Meyer fan, I wanted to read this book. However, because it's science fiction (not Young Adult, like Stephenie's previous novels) I was worried I wouldn't like it. While it definitely differed from Stephenie's Twilight books, I really fell in love with this novel. Wanderer is an easy character to love and it's hard to think that she's wrong for wanting to stay in Melanie's body despite the fact that Melanie is still there, fighting right back. The ending could not have been better and it kind of makes you think that even though this planet can seem pretty messed up, maybe there's hope in the fact that some of us are still pretty decent.