American Wife

American Wife
by Curtin SittenfeldRating: ****

From the author of Prep (a book I really, really loved) comes American Wife. This book is about a normal little girl from a small town in Wisconsin who ends up becoming the First Lady of the United States. The book is loosely based on Laura Bush and it honestly will make you sympathetic towards her and make you pause to think, "Hmm, I wonder how these women do end up being married to those men."

Score another one for Curtis Sittenfeld. While I was EXTREMELY disappointed with her book The Man of My Dreams I LOVED Prep and so I thought I'd check this one out hoping it would be another goodie. I was definitely impressed. Sittenfeld has a way of creating characters that you love or that you love to hate. I think this book is a must read and a definite eye opener. Makes you wonder what you never hear about the President and his First Lady.

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