The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

The Little Lady Agency and the Prince
by Hester BrowneRating: ❤❤

This book is the third book in the Little Lady Agency series. It's about Melissa Romney-Jones, a woman who runs an agency that caters to men who need a little help with their lives. In the third book, Melissa is about to be married to Jonathan, the man that she met when she first created the Little Lady Agency. However, when she agrees to help turn a prince into an upstanding citizen she starts to realize that maybe Jonathan isn't her perfect man.

I LOVED the first two Little Lady Agency books. However, for some reason this one fell a little short to me. It was hard for me to get into it and even when I did I found myself disliking the characters in a way that I never had before. Jonathan lost his charm, Nelson was a total know it all and Melissa was just a pawn for different men to play with. I will say that I give this rating based on the fact that I read this book far after I read the first two. Maybe if I had read the book right after the first two I'd feel a little differently. I will say it's a good beach read.

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